Metron-DVM for Companion Animal | Skeletal

Whether fantastic images or advanced diagnostic aids, Metron has become a leader in X-Ray imaging for Companion Animal Skeletal.


Metron is a leader in digital X-Ray processing, producing diagnostically valuable images for both skeletal and soft tissue review.  Most systems can provide adequate “bone” presentation but few can produce quality soft tissue deal.  Even more rare is the system that can serve both interests. 

Diagnostic tools in radiography include Metron’s patented “Guided Mark-Up” process.  The doctor will use Metron to assist with accurate markup and measurements for improved diagnosis and procedures planning.


The Vertebral Heart Score (VHS) is an important measurement from a radiograph that a busy small animal practice might make every day.  Metron makes this measurement simple, and keeps the results with the image and patient information in the Metron database.

Metron also contains a complete dental solution for cats and dogs with teeth charts, 3-D skulls for client education, and support for oral cameras and other devices.


Metron at a Glance!

  • Fast one click image acquisition
  • Complete dental support including dental charts for dogs and cats
  • Ability to DICOM send all data with images
  • Able to send images to Metron Web viewer, iPad or iPhone 
  • Guided mark-up support for:

Vertebral Heart Score (VHS) for dogs and cats
Hip Distraction Index and Compression Index for dogs and cats
TPLO, TTA, Norberg Hip, and DAR analysis for dogs

  • Faster image processing algorithm for exceptional image quality
  • Outstanding report generation
  • Record voice annotations on your images
  • Metron Support Services including upgrade, online training, and best practices



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